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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Word up.

Word of the day:


Use it. You will automatically sound a bit more posh. 

Here are some ways you can use splendid today and people will automatically think you are that touch classier than you really are.

"That was a splendid lunch. What a splendid idea."

So many people get excited about the new words going into the English language; text talk, slang speak, tweenage twang.


I am excited about the words we used to use. Words we need to bring back.

My favourite words at the moment include:

1. Furtle. Verb To furtle. Noun. Furtle
Example. Have a furtle in your handbag and see if you can find it.

2. Codswallop. Not even in the thesaurus.
Example. That's a pile of old codswallop. Or simply use it as an exclamation. Codswallop!  (when you have split your coffee).

3. Marvellous. See splendid. It's a marvellous word. Use it more often. Get your tongue wrapped round the syllables.

4. Giddy. I'm feeling giddy. Giddy as a kipper.

5. Tittybottlish. I'm feeling tittybottlish. It means I've come over all strange, a bit wobbly, not quite myself.

These words are indeed splendid, magnificent in fact. 

Far better than today's inventions. In fact I would go as far as to say they are well sic and the youth of today should be weljel of our beautiful emotive old school words.

Go use them with pride.


Go on.


  1. discombobulated.

    Now there's a word to roll around the tongue.

    Proper word, too. It's in all the books.

    1. That's my word of the day.....not to be said on Winesday...

  2. Furtle, I love it. Definitely going to start using that. I used to have a colleague (at Claire's Accessories) who said 'giddy as a kipper' - I love that saying.