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Friday, 9 March 2012

The Car Park Guardian Angel

The Car Park Guardian Angel

Today I bring you a top tip and a guaranteed way to ensure you always find a car parking space.

It's simple - you just ask the Guardian Angel of Car Parks for help. Oh yes there is one.

There is a theory that if you want something badly enough and you focus on it you can achieve it. (I want that bar of chocolate, I can eat it. I want that bottle of wine, I can drink it.)

I have been working with the Car Park Guardian Angel for a while and she rarely lets me down.

The process is as follows - as you approach the required car park you ask her to find you a space (I always request one near the door). Then more often that not as you swing your car elegantly round the car park without going the wrong way up the ridiculous car park one way system, it will be there winking at you: a free space.

Try it. Today.

I could then say that to say thank you for the car parking space you should all leave your car and do a little jig of joy in the car park. But that would just be plain silly.

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