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Thursday, 8 March 2012

When I am PM.

When I am PM.

There are a number of things I will do when I am PM - many of which will be for the good of the country, but most will be for the benefit of me.

This is just the start...but I think the following campaign will tip the votes and secure my rightful place as ruler of this fair isle.


I hate putting in petrol. I always forget to open my petrol cap and therefore once I have got out of the car and walked to said petrol pump, I then swear and have to walk back to car and flip petrol pump button. I never learn. The repetition of the habit of putting in petrol has not taught me flip the petrol cap before I leave the car.

So then I stand there (usually shivering) and watch money drain into my car.

My solution to this is simple and will of course secure employment opportunities...I intend  to campaign to bring back the petrol pump attendant.

It means I can sit in my car and update my twitter status.


  1. I think this is a very good idea. We have petrol pump attendants in Dubai *smug again* x

  2. I presume PM is short for PreMenstrual

    I understand the frustration but not really sure it counts as justification

  3. Robyn - I'm not listening.. : )

    Hadn't thought of PM like that - but the again...